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Rolls Royce Phantom Hire: City of London

City of London

Rolls-Royce Phantom hire is available through London Phantoms in the City of London, sometimes known as the Square Mile or simply The City; small area located at the very heart of London, in the UK’s capital. With an area of just over one square mile, its boundaries have remained almost unchanged since the Middle Ages. It is, in fact, a city within a city, with a complicated past and even more complicated present, which results in it having its own police force independent to that of the Metropolitan Police.

The City is the leading financial centre in the world, with many companies such as investment banks and stock brokerage firms based there. It is also accused of sometimes being the equivalent of an offshore tax haven! Rolls-Royce Phantom hire is particularly popular with corporate clients in this borough as nothing exudes business, professionalism and class like a Phantom.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Hire in the City of London

Despite its relatively small size, the Square Mile has a great many intriguing and interesting places to see and visit. The City is busy during the weekdays with suited bankers and if you are one of those then consider our Rolls-Royce Phantoms to chauffeur-drive you to any important business meeting that may be coming up to make the lasting impression you want to leave.

For tourists, the Square Mile has an abundance of churches and other places of worship, and the most famous by far is St. Paul’s Cathedral. Its distinctive architecture is known the world over, and it plays an important role in English history from holding the funerals of Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington to surviving the Blitz during World War Two. There are many plaques and memorials to the famous people interred there, and excellent tours of the Cathedral reveal its history further to the visitor.

The other places of interest in the Square Mile include the Museum of London, The Bank of England Museum, and The Monument (to the Great Fire of London). Those people desiring to see the rest of London’s attractions might like to consider doing so in a Rolls-Royce Phantom hired with an unrivalled service through London Phantoms. This is especially suitable for those people that have limited time whilst in The City, or that wish to do some sightseeing in absolute luxury. A Rolls-Royce Phantom can be used to see major landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Tower of London and much, much more turning heads wherever you roam.

We also have a whole host of other cars available for wedding/event/corporate/casual hire in the City of London too, including a Rolls-Royce GhostBentleysMercedes and a Maybach. Contact us today.

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